Over 25 internationally renowned experts will speak at the conference - giving delegates the chance to deepen their knowledge of current thinking and new research on street-connected children.

Meet international experts in: ending family violence, recovery from trauma and sexual abuse, missing children, reintegrating street-connected children, child development, clinical psychology, family therapy, arts therapy, and child protection.

Sandra Cortes Iniestra is a Psychologist from the Universidad de las Americas-Puebla in Mexico and holds a Master’s degree in Clinic Psychology from the same university. She has been working in the field of family violence for over 15 years. She worked at the Centre for Victims of Domestic Violence in Mexico City as an expert in psychology. She was the first point of contact for those arriving at the centre and evaluated the damage suffered by the victims, especially children. She also provided brief therapy support in groups for children victims of abuse. She also participated in the evaluation committee of legal experts of the Attorney General of the Republic, selecting potential candidates to perform this work at national level. Sandra has been working for Fundacion JUCONI with marginalised families, children and adolescents living in situations of domestic violence and exclusion for more than 10 years. As part of the JUCONI internal training, she has participated in sessions given by notable professionals in the field of individual and family therapy, including Dr. Gianna Williams, Alessandra Cavalli, Monica Cardenal, Hilary Kennedy, Jane Nestel-Patt, Dr. Janine Roberts, Dr. Eliana Gil, Matthew Selekman, Peter Fraenkel, Dr. William Madsen, Elaine Karas, Dr. Amy Kahn, among others. She is a certified supervisor of the VIG Method. She has participated in various conferences and forums nationally and internationally and has delivered training relating to the care of vulnerable people in violent situations to fellow professionals in Peru, Rwanda, Kenya, Tanzania, India and Guyana. Currently Sandra is the Director of the JUCONI programme in Mexico.

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KEYNOTE: Secure attachment, safe children, safe families: a methodology with transgenerational impact (with Isabel Ramírez)

Attachment theory is fundamental to the JUCONI methodology as through creating secure relationships between children and their caregivers one establishes the foundation for the development of children that being and feeling loved as they are, they grow confident in their set skills, abilities, and with proper management of their emotions. These children will grow up taking care of themselves, their community, their family, and the society they later construct. That's why the methodology and the interventions in each of our workplaces and family attention are designed to generate secure attachment and to recover from the wounds of intergenerational trauma. If the change is profound, emotional neglect is prevented and the impact will reach generations of families forming safe communities.

WORKSHOP: Promoting secure attachment as a vaccine against violence in high risk families (with Isabel Ramirez)

The first three years of life are crucial for child development, not only nutritionally or physical development. Neurophysiology helps us understand the impact on neuronal formation of relationships in this specific period of development. During the workshop participants can observe in detail the difference between the behaviours of children with secure attachment and one that has not. Participants will reflect the basic principles to generate secure attachment, think and create activities that can be used in therapeutic interventions with families so caregivers and children form emotional bonds that provide emotional security that allows them to develop with confidence in themselves and in the world as a safe place.