Over 25 internationally renowned experts will speak at the conference - giving delegates the chance to deepen their knowledge of current thinking and new research on street-connected children.

Meet international experts in: ending family violence, recovery from trauma and sexual abuse, missing children, reintegrating street-connected children, child development, clinical psychology, family therapy, arts therapy, and child protection.

Sylvia Reyes is JUCONI Ecuador’s methodological director. She completed her MSc in educational psychology at the Tavistock Clinic, UK. Building on the work of JUCONI Mexico, she has worked with JUCONI Ecuador since its inception in 1994. Sylvia and her team have developed a methodology that enables them to achieve positive and lasting results with some of the hardest to help street-working children and their families.

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KEYNOTE: Restoring relationships to break the cycle: how Video Interaction Guidance (VIG) supports loving connections, enhancing ‘pride’ to heal the effects of trauma (with Hilary Kennedy)

Video Interaction Guidance (VIG) is an intervention that promotes secure attachment and optimal development for young people, the adults around them and professionals through embodiment of its theoretical framework, values and beliefs and the principles of attuned interaction in guidance. VIG uses strength-based micro-moments as a focus for reflection with the VIG practitioner and the client. It is client-centred which means moving at the client’s pace, with their goals in mind. This keynote address will show VIG in action with case studies from the UK and Ecuador. The strong ethical and theoretical base - attachment, co-operative intersubjectivity and mediated learning – will be unpacked and connected to the concept of attunement. Research evidence of the effectiveness of VIG will be presented, especially focusing on the healing of trauma and breaking the cycle.

WORKSHOP: Video interaction guidance from JUCONI, Ecuador (with Hilary Kennedy, Jenny Jarvis & Martha Espinoza)

This workshop will follow on from the keynote address “Restoring relationships to break the cycle: how Video Interaction Guidance (VIG) supports loving connections, enhancing ‘pride’ to heal the effects of trauma”. It will give participants a chance to explore the values, beliefs and attunement principles of VIG for themselves. They will then have a chance to see VIG in action and discuss the videos of its delivery in Ecuador. The workshop will end with a description of the VIG training and supervision process and the experiences of the team at JUCONI, Ecuador who are currently training. Participants will leave knowing how to get involved if they want to.