​In November 2016, Railway Children and JUCONI will host an international conference together for the first time. Building on the highly successful JUCONI conference series, Breaking the Cycle is the first conference to be jointly organised and held outside Latin America.

Railway Children Africa

Railway Children Africa was founded in 2010 as a Tanzanian development agency committed to supporting children who live on the streets across the region. Railway Children Africa is an affiliate of Railway Children, an international charity fighting for children alone and at risk on the streets in India, East Africa and the UK.

Railway Children works at three levels for long-term change:

  1. Meeting the immediate needs of children at risk on the streets
  2. Working with families and communities to help them spot and support vulnerable children before they end up on the streets
  3. Influencing governments to get the policy changes that keep children safe, well and off the streets forever

Fundación JUCONI

JUCONI was founded in Mexico in 1989. JUCONI has become one of the world’s leading organisations in the development of solutions for marginalised children and families. JUCONI has received international recognition for its educational therapeutic methods, which effectively address the family violence that is at the root of many of the children’s lives that we see on our streets.

The aims and objectives of JUCONI are:

  1. Research, develop and implement successful educational-therapeutic methods for marginalised children and families affected by family violence
  2. Share methodologies and to professionalise people working in NGOs, government programmes, and schools
  3. Influence public policies to strengthen protection systems for children and improve public services for families

JUCONI & Railway Children International Partnership

JUCONI and Railway Children have been working together since 1998. Building on the success of the JUCONI programmes in Latin America, together we launched a training, coaching and exchange programme for frontline workers in East Africa in 2009. Since Railway Children Africa staff and partners began putting ground-breaking therapeutic approaches into action, the success rate for reintegrating street connected children back to their families in these programmes has risen from around 50% to over 80%.